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Damien Elmes rapport at
Wed Jul 25 22:29:33 EST 2001

"Jeremy" <jeremy at> writes:

> Howard Lowndes writes:
> > Have a look at the "interfaces" option in /etc/smb.conf or
> > /etc/samba/smb.conf, depending upon your distro.
> Thanks, but I tried that and it still wouldn't play.  It just won't use
> interface = ppp0, no matter how I phrase it.  If I do interface = eth0 ppp0
> it will bind to eth0 and not ppp0, and if I do interface = * it will bind
> to eth0 and lo.  
> I also couldn't trick it into using  
> Has anyone actually managed to contact a SAMBA server over the internet? 
> Supposedly it's possible to break into peoples machines like that, but I
> can't even connect normally.

certainly have. you'll find some of the big ISPs now block the SMB
ports to prevent such malicious activity, though. 

when you say it's not binding to ppp0, does this mean you can't reach
it over the network, or that it's not listed when you do this?

netstat --inet --all



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