Time, daytime services not externally visible

Jan Newmarch jan.newmarch at infotech.monash.edu.au
Wed Jul 25 15:03:52 EST 2001

I am trying to turn on the daytime (port 13) and time (port 37)
services for students to access. Redhat 7.1, with time,
daytime controlled by xinetd. So I have set "disable=no" in
/etc/xinetd.d/daytime and restarted xinet. Locally they are

	telnet localhost 13

works fine, and also with the actual host name. netstat -a shows
daytime service. /sbin/chkconfig --list shows daytime as an
xinet service. So it is there.

But if I try to conect from a different machine to this one, I
get "Connection refused". Telnet and ftp work fine into this
machine, but not time or daytime.

On someone else's Redhat 7.1 machine it works fine, but he
can't remember what he did to open up access. That is, other
machines can connect to the daytime service on his machine. I
have tried setting "ALL: ALL" in hosts.allow but that didn't make
any difference either.

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