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Sun Dec 16 10:49:15 EST 2001

On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, Leigh Finch wrote:

> I know this is way off the topic, but I'm playing with freebsd, anyway, I'm
> using kpp for my dailup program, but my ppp daemon keeps dieing, it's not
> regular or anything, it could happen at anytime.theres nothing in the logs to
> suggest any time outs. it just stops sending or recieving packets, and then
> the pppd dies, and therefor the connection is gone. it's almost like i lose
> compression sync (if anyones ever had that problem,) I'm connected to bluesky
> internet, using a netcomm mega-i-modem, and i think someone said they were
> using mega-pop things with sun servers.

Do you have a Telstra Tocuhfone? Try unplugging it and then dialling up...
The touchfone series charge their on board batteries by randomly dropping
across the line ans stealing power -- which kills modem connections...



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