KDE reports home

Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Mon Dec 3 20:02:33 EST 2001

Howard Lowndes wrote:
> Nothing.  The machine had been booted and used auto-login, but after that
> it wasn't used, and I have not been to kde.org or tucows.com in months.
Wierd. Which KDE are you using? 
> It looks like this is something to do with the artsd daemon which is a
> default startup by kdeinit.
I think it could also be artsd acting on behalf of another app, and some form
of http tool (especially konquerer) is a definate possibility.
> At this stage I am trying to find out how to curtail kdeinit's activities.
> This seems very reminicent of the activities of some other OS.
Certainly damn obnoxious. I've just scanned through the source for CVS HEAD,
and while there are some tests that might get to kde.org and some built in
"favourites" (including www.lwn.net) there shouldn't be anything getting a lot
of hits. 

One application that does have hardcoded paths, and might create the sort of
traffic you are seeing is knewsticker. Is that installed? Any evidence that it
is being run? If you rename it/move it/chmod -x, do you still see the traffic?


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