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Howard Lowndes lannet at lannet.com.au
Mon Dec 3 07:55:06 EST 2001

Nothing.  The machine had been booted and used auto-login, but after that
it wasn't used, and I have not been to kde.org or tucows.com in months.

It looks like this is something to do with the artsd daemon which is a
default startup by kdeinit.

At this stage I am trying to find out how to curtail kdeinit's activities.

This seems very reminicent of the activities of some other OS.

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Brad Hards wrote:

> Howard Lowndes wrote:
> >
> > Has anyone who is running KDE noticed that it has a daemon artsd that
> > appears to keep attempting to do a ACK FIN to www.kde.org
> > port 80 and to lwn2.tucowcs.com port 80.
> What were you doing at the time? Opening up konquerer and then checking out
> Linux Weekly News?
> Brad

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