Slack Kernel Compile Howto - Is this correct and Error Free?

Smith John cheapact at
Mon Dec 3 16:51:34 EST 2001

Non slack folk can skip to next mesage.

For a 2.4.16 Kernel, unzipped into , say usr/src/2.4/linux, as it is 
supposed to be bad practice to user usr/src, is the following documentation 
correct? - or if not, what mods?

Followed verbatim, I got a kernel panic, VFS Unable to mount root from 
Anyone want to help out - . I piped output into files for each step, and 
also noticed excess work was being performed.
from a 2.2.19 kernel. Yep, I am a newbie, discovering howto's and doco, lag 
a bit.

make mrproper (I dont do this most of the time since it will remove your 
make menuconfig (ncurses based kernel configuration menu system - (make 
xconfig non-functional - my obs).
make dep (fixor up them dependencies)
make clean (get rid of old o files and stuff)
make (build it)
make install (read the note below for this one)
make modules (build the modules)
make modules_install (install the modules)

Note: "make install" is one that most don't use but if you run Slackware it 
will work fine.  What it does is: copies, moves, and renames all the files 
to where they need to be.  It also updates lilo for you.

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