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Mon Dec 3 14:31:26 EST 2001

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Collette Barton wrote:

> If this mail is received successfully could someone provide a phone
> contact where I can speak to someone re information on linus users group
> before I commit myself or my son to joining.

Membership in the Canberra Linux Users Group is a fairly nebulous concept.
We do not have a president, or a treasurer, or any formal structure.  We
do not have a list of members anywhere.  We are just a group of people who
get together once a month to talk about things linux-related.  These
meetings are open to anyone who is interested, and are typically held on
the 4th Thursday of each month, in the Computer Science building at ANU.
Every year I've been around, we've replaced the December meeting with a
BBQ at someone's house (anyone volunteering for this year?)

The closest thing we have to a membership list is this mailing list, but
not everyone who comes along to meetings is on the mailing list, and not
everyone on the mailing list comes to meetings.

If you want to check what sort of thing is posted to the mailing list
before signing up to it, (or after signing up to it...) there are archives
available at (


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