[SLUG] KDE reports home

Howard Lowndes lannet at lannet.com.au
Mon Dec 3 06:49:08 EST 2001

So am I.  It's even harder trying to find out how kdeinit works.  I'm
still trying to work out where it's .rc file is to see just what is going
on.  It could be just the prompt I need to dump it - and not for Gnome
either - I might go back to Windowmaker or even FVWM.

Window manager flame war, anyone?

On 3 Dec 2001, Damien Elmes wrote:

> Howard Lowndes <lannet at lannet.com.au> writes:
> > Has anyone who is running KDE noticed that it has a daemon artsd that
> > appears to keep attempting to do a ACK FIN to www.kde.org
> > port 80 and to lwn2.tucowcs.com port 80.
> >
> > What is artsd, it doesn't have a man page.
> someone's already followed up, so i won't reiterate on that. i'm
> always suspicious of stuff that's calling home, though - i wonder why
> they do that. (i'm sure it's not malicious, but still).

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