Telnet error

Rasjid rasjidw at
Wed Aug 29 20:46:23 EST 2001

Firstly, I assume that you are trying to telnet *into* you RH Box, not
out of it?  And that you can ping you RH box from whereever you are
trying to telnet from?

If so, then:

Secondly, telnet no longer runs by default in RH7.1.  This is a good
thing.  SSH is infinitely more secure (since telnet is totally
insecure).  Use ssh instead.  If you are trying to telnet from a Windows
box, then download PuTTY (a free SSH client for Windows) from instead.

Thirdly, make sure that your firewall is not blocking incoming
connections. The default medium level firewall in RH7.1 a number of
ports. (I can't remember which ones exactly.)
Run /sbin/ipchains -L to see.  If the firewall is you problem, then a
quick (but not very desireable fix unless you are already behind a
firewall) is /sbin/ipchains -F.  Otherwise you will need to change the
firewall configuration file.  See /etc/sysconfig/firewall and
/etc/init.d/ipchains.  I'm not sure how the iptables version works, but
I think it is similar.

If you *really* want to use telnet, then edit /etc/xinet.d/telnet so
that disable = no.  Then run /etc/init.d/xinted restart.  Check your
firewall if you have not already done so.  It should work then.

But I ask you, why telnet when you can ssh?


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