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david at <david at> wrote:
> Threading is broken. Full stop. Especially if your favourite programming
> language is any of C, C++, or assembler. Use full processes if you want
> to write multi-tasking stuff that works. The nice people at Intel and
> other hardware companies put hardware memory protection in their chips
> so you could write reliable multi-tasking code. Use it.

Nitpick: The difference between "thread" and "process" depends entirely on
the implementation of your operating system.

In most cases, the hardware you speak of doesn't know the difference between
a process and a thread, and shouldn't ever need to know.

Threading isn't broken. Programmers are broken. Programmers aren't used to
thinking about multi-threaded issues while programming. Things will
eventually change, as multi-threaded programming becomes more commonplace.

One of the points I think you're trying to make is that threading without
built-in language support is difficult and error-prone. Yes, it is, but so
is memory management. That's just one of the things you have to deal with
when you program in low-level languages like C/C++/assembler (they're all
the same thing anyway).
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