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Tue Aug 28 17:01:23 EST 2001

On 28 Aug, Shawn Owens wrote:
> Ladies and Gentlemen:
> OS= 2.4.2 (7.1)
> MASQ= enabled
> Ipchains
> My question is, how do you enable the module to allow windows machines to
> FTP out using MASQ.
> When trying to FTP, it's successful accept when doing the normal 20 data
> passing.  
> ftp> ls 
> 500 Illegal PORT Command  
> Here is the error output when trying to load the ip_nat_ftp.o using insmod:
> [root at applicongw netfilter_ipv4]# insmod ip_nat_ftp.o
> ip_nat_ftp.o: unresolved symbol ip_conntrack_expect_related_Ree85aab5
> ip_nat_ftp.o: unresolved symbol ip_nat_expect_register_R22ca4f64
> ip_nat_ftp.o: unresolved symbol ip_nat_helper_register_Rd999d6f2
> ip_nat_ftp.o: unresolved symbol ip_nat_expect_unregister_R5ca5c902
> ip_nat_ftp.o: unresolved symbol ip_nat_cheat_check_R1e4e73a8
> ip_nat_ftp.o: unresolved symbol ip_nat_setup_info_Rd1af8d2b
> ip_nat_ftp.o: unresolved symbol ip_nat_helper_unregister_Rdadfe31d
> Does anyone know why I'm unable to load this module?

Because you haven't loaded a module it depends on?

You shouldn't have to load any modules by hand if you use the
autoloader, which you should do.

>I'm not using iptables
> yet so I need this to run using Ipchains.  

Just go to IPTables.  The only difference is the syntax.  The networking
howto even gives you examples.

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