which card is which (eth0 and eth1)

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Tue Aug 28 19:51:23 EST 2001


I am wondering if anyone knows if there is some solution for this. If you have
two identical ethernet cards (in this case eepro100's) when you load the
module for them they both get recognised. However the order in which they are
initialised can change. Ie one time one gets eth0 the next time that same card
gets eth1.

Now this generally wont happen booting the same kernel version without
changing the kernel arguments or anything (that they would change) however on
a kernel upgrade or if someone changed the order in which the pci bus is
scanned they could change. (pci bus scan order is an available kernel command
line argument AFAIR).

Anyway I am wondering if there is some simple way you can tie one specific
card to eth0 and the other to eth1 no matter what, using the hwaddr or
something similar (ie data stored inside the card) would be good.

If not do I have to just know which card is which for a given installation,
and any time the kernel changes or similar make sure it is tested.

The ethernet howto was no help on this specific case (that I could see)

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