[Gold]star laptop 486 and Linux

Paul Lawton p.lawton at adfa.edu.au
Tue Aug 28 18:44:20 EST 2001

Guys, I want to put linux on my  33mhz [Gold]star laptop 486. The
trouble is, I get an error message when I boot up: hard disk drive
failure. I’m pretty sure that the hard drive is rooted. Except that when
I whack in a win98 boot disk it just keeps saying ‘not valid disk,
insert boot disk’ I’ve looked for a tech manual on the web, but, no
The mboard is manufactured by a mob called Fuyu (or Faber technologies).
It’s got the following numbers written on it;
Fuyu 20v0 9320 
the fcc id for the box is17gstar486
If anyone can help, that would be nice.
Paul Lawton
tel:       0407 584 181
email:  p.lawton at adfa.edu.au
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