General server problem

Peter Barker pbarker at
Fri Aug 24 18:12:57 EST 2001

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, adrian wrote:

> attempting to run the X font server responds thus:
> [root at snowy18 X11]# xfs
> _FontTransSocketINETCreateListener: ...SocketCreateListener() failed
> _FontTransMakeAllCOTSServerListeners: server already running
> xfs error: Cannot establish any listening sockets
> Aborted (core dumped)  

Does "ps -waux" show anything like xfs running?

> [root at snowy18 rc5.d]# ./S85postgresql start
> Checking postgresql installation: looks good!
> Starting postgresql service: failed.   

Do you have a strace output of this? "strace -o ~/straceout -f -s 8000
/etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql restart; less ~/straceout"

> I suspect some files were corrupted, but which ones. Possibly some
> lowlevel networking.

File corruption is a possibility. Not really enough information here yet,
though. You didn't do anything like upgrade your kernel, did you?

> Adrian

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