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> With the second question I would say that buying from Cougar with a 3 
> year warranty is better than what happened to a mate of mine who bought a 
> bad hard disk from the markets and could not get it replaced by the 
> dealers at the markets or by IBM.  IBM would not replace it cause it was 
> was from a shipment that was previously stolen.  Also if your interested. 
>  Cougar told me that the IBM hard disks are the best performing at the 
> moment.

Just a note and this may have been said before.

When you buy Locally, you are supporting the local econonmy: Wages, Rent, Insurance, Super etc make up why Components cost more in a computer store. You also get benifits such as quick replacements when things go faulty.

Practically everything you buy from the fairs are exectly the same from the Local Store. The same percentage of components fail however when you get things from stores, they usually install them for you and test then swap/change them before they hand your system back to you.

When you purchase systems from a store, most will honor something like 5 years FREE labor. This means that when you upgrade or add components from the same store, there is no labor charge to do the work.

So you save a bit when you go to the fair, but do you want to sit and wait 2 to 4 weeks for the person you purchased the component from to come back (and if they come back) to hand component back and then have to wait the same length for them to appear with your replacement component.

*Throws a couple of cents in*

-- Neil

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