Buying a hard drives

David Murn davey at
Wed Aug 22 00:04:11 EST 2001

On 21 Aug 2001, Damien Elmes wrote:

> having said all that, the markets are still a good place to shop. it
> encourages you to be a more assertive customer, but then some of these
> people at the markets have legitimate computer stores, and will hand
> you a business card when you make a purchase. chasing them up with the
> help of a consumer body wouldn't be terribly difficult if something
> did go horribly wrong.

Also, if you happen to not get a card from the dealer, at the next fair if
you remember where the table was located, they have maps of previous fairs
showing the table layout and which people were at which tables.

Also maybe Im shooting my mouth off here, but wrt IBM disks, Ive had
nothing but failures from them.  In 2 places I worked, we lost a total of
9 IBM drives due to failure (bought over about an 18 month period).  Most
of the drives simply gave up the ghost after maybe 36hr of slight errors
(e2fs errors and the like).  Maybe IBM are generally okay, I wouldnt
recommend them to anyone I was trying to help out though.

Maybe we just got a few bad batches, maybe the solar flares co-inciding
with the full moon and the new kernel release caused the failure, who


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