forgot root password!!

Rasjid rasjidw at
Sun Aug 19 21:35:02 EST 2001

Sean Neakums wrote:
> begin Mohan quotation:
> > I forgot the root password ..i'm using red hat 6.2 , i know you can
> > enter at LILO: .. but iam not sure of the command can any one help..
> Assuming your LILO image name is "linux", entering:
> linux init=/bin/bash
> at the LILO prompt should bring you to a root shell.  I've never tried
> this, so YMMV.

The above has the drawback of mounting the root filesystem in readonly

LILO: linux single

(assuming image name is linux as per above) will drop you into a root
prompt, but with the system in read-write mode and a few other init
processes started (like swap space, which the init=/bin/bash solution
does not).

It is also easier to remember.



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