looking for a new laser printer compatible with linux

Damien Elmes rapport at repose.cx
Sat Aug 11 12:30:32 EST 2001

hello there, everyone,

we've grown sick of replacing the ink in our existing bubblejet, and
decided it's time to fork out for a laser printer. i've had a quick
look on cougar.com.au, and they have an epson model which looks
interesting, although it can only do postscript v2 without an
'optional extra'. 

is there any place in canberra or any printer that you guys could
recommend? i'm looking at < $900 if possible, has to be EPP parallel
or CAT-5 (although finding a network printer at that price is a
pipe-dream :-)

any advice'd be appreciated.


Damien Elmes
rapport at repose.cx

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