looking for a new laser printer compatible with linux

Rasjid rasjidw at bigpond.com
Sun Aug 12 00:57:45 EST 2001

Damien Elmes wrote:
> hello there, everyone,
> we've grown sick of replacing the ink in our existing bubblejet, and
> decided it's time to fork out for a laser printer. i've had a quick
> look on cougar.com.au, and they have an epson model which looks
> interesting, although it can only do postscript v2 without an
> 'optional extra'.
> is there any place in canberra or any printer that you guys could
> recommend? i'm looking at < $900 if possible, has to be EPP parallel
> or CAT-5 (although finding a network printer at that price is a
> pipe-dream :-)
> any advice'd be appreciated.
> cheers!
> --
> Damien Elmes
> rapport at repose.cx

One of the cheaper laser printers around is the Xerox DocuPrint P8ex,
which has a RRP of $595, but I've seen it for around $495 from ACC
Computers in Dickson.  Just checked www.estore.com.au and they have it
for $439.  It works with RH7.1 using the Xerox DocuPrint P8e (ljet4)
driver out of the box.  Actually, I've only tested it over a network at
work, using the D-Link PrintServer DP-101 ($196 from estore) which
effectively turns the printer into a network printer.  There are also
Ethernet Adaptors for the P8ex made by Xerox, but these seem to cost
more and I don't know if they work with Linux (whereas the D-Link
PrintServer definitely does).

Therefore you can have a network laser printer that works with Linux for
$439 + $196 = $635.  Note that the printer does not have Postscript, so
it is relying on GhostScript for conversion to PCL. (Or at least, I
assume that is what the RH printconfig tool does.)

The print quality is not exceptional, but is certainly adequate for
basic home or small office needs.  I believe that the print-cartridges
are fairly expensive, at around $200 (half the price of the printer). 
That is supposed to do 5,000 pages (5% area coverage) which is around
$0.04 per page, which on a page basis is on the expensive side for

However, if this is just for low volume home use, where 5,000 pages
might take a few years to get through, then it might be a good solution
as ink cartrige tend to clog up etc, and hey, laser print looks better. 

I would also be interested in other people suggestions, as I am thinking
of getting a printer too sometime soon.  (Thus my recent research into
the topic.)


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