USB support

Brad Hards bhards at
Sun Aug 5 16:52:30 EST 2001

Arthur Chan wrote:
> I am way behind with upgrades. Found IomegaUSB250M not working with my
> trusty old Mandrake7.0, got a copy of Mandrake7.2 on the cheap (okay, it
> was free, but that's not the point), still no support for USB. So what
> now, the disk is very full ? How about Firewire ?
Any 2.4 kernel should support USB Mass Storage OK, and a Zip250 is about as
common as USB disks get. Firewire is obviously fast, but support is a bit

"not working" isn't much of a bug report. What is the problem? Relevant
extracts from kernel logs, contents of /proc/bus/usb/devices and
/proc/bus/usb/drivers, user space error messages and contents of
/proc/scsi/scsi is minimum needed.

BTW: you did try to mount /dev/sda4, didn't you?


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