stopping moving gifs in mozilla?

David Murn davey at
Fri Aug 3 05:29:23 EST 2001

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Steven Hanley wrote:

> Does anyone know how to stop moving gifs in Mozilla? I am using 0.9.1
> currently. 

Isnt junkbuster capable of doing this?

> There is nothing in the preferences dialogs about configuring use of moving
> gifs. Unlike in netscape communicator using the stop button or the esc key
> does nothing in Mozilla.

I dunno if this is common on all systems, but whenever I hit escape 3
times in netscape 4.77 (possibly other versions too), my computer simply

> I have to say I am really getting sick of the moving gifs moving all the
> time. 

If junkbuster cant do it, Im sure its not too hard to patch.


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