nis+ not authenticating

Darrel Hankerson hankedr at
Thu Jul 28 15:01:41 GMT 2005

"dave t" <d_dave at> writes:

   [root at linux1 tmp]# nismatch david passwd.org_dir
   For some reason, my nis+ server does not trust my nis+ client. Can
   someone instruct me on how to get the two to trust eachother.

1. Log in as an ordinary user (in NIS+) and run your test.

2. If it fails, then check "set_secrpc" in your PAM config on the

3. If you really must grant root access to coded passwords to the
client, then a quick way is to add the client to the admin group.
Unless you have a compelling reason to grant such access, this is a
bad idea.  If you are determined to open the security hole, then grant
based on table permissions rather than the admin group approach.

--Darrel Hankerson hankedr at

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