nis+ not authenticating

dave t d_dave at
Wed Jul 27 22:48:20 GMT 2005

I have an idea of whats going on w/ my authentication problem. When 
performing a nismatch command as root on my linux box, I should be able to 
see an encrypted password. Instead i see *NP*:

[root at linux1 tmp]# nismatch david passwd.org_dir

For some reason, my nis+ server does not trust my nis+ client. Can someone 
instruct me on how to get the two to trust eachother.

Also, a chkey -p as root on the linux client yields:

[root at linux1 tmp]# chkey -p
Updating nisplus publickey database.
Reencrypting key for 'unix.linux1 at'.
Please enter the Secure-RPC password for root:
chkey: insufficent permission to update credentials.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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