nisplus authentication problem

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Mon Jan 6 15:28:59 EST 2003

Can you run "nisdefaults" on your Linux client? Does it have "(not 
authenticated" in the first line (or any line) of output? If so, your client 
has not been authenticated to the server. Check if you have a /etc/.rootkey file.

If nisdefaults runs OK, then try "nismatch someuser passwd.org_dir" 
("someuser" is replaced by some real username in the NIS+ server database).
If all is well, you should see an encrypted passwd entry in the second field 
(after the first colon) of the output. If you see something like "*NP*" 
instead, then again, the NIS+ server is not giving the password back to the 
client (doesn't trust it).

If both these tests prove OK, then you will need to send some output from 
/var/log/security or /var/log/messages where you should see some evidence of 
what is going wrong.

Using shadow passwords is irrelevent to NIS+ or any other network based 
authentication system (like LDAP or Kerberos etc.).


Bob Edwards.

John Korah wrote:
> hi
> I have an NISPLUS server running on a solaris8 sunfire .  I have 
> configured sun clients to use it . But I am not able to use it on linux 
> clients  I use the red hat 8.0 with glibc 2.2.93-5. I followed the 
> instruction on the HOWTO manual. I used the of kukuk.  i 
> cannot login as any user which is not in the local file. i have checked 
> the nssswitch options. I have no idea how to proceed. In the document it 
> is said  said to keylogin for a user. Since i use shadow passwords, it 
> should do it for me, right?. I did the keylogin -r. I would appreciate 
> any help or advice.
> Thanks
> John Korah
> CS Grad  student
> Virginia Tech

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