nisplus authentication problem - sent 06Jan, revisited

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Tue Feb 18 03:01:53 EST 2003

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> Try this for a user
> login as local root, then `su - <someuser>` and run chkey -p as the
"someuser" this should
> correct the creds for that user.

Thanks Jimmy,
this didn't the trick, but maybe i found the real source of my problem:

When stopping and restarting the portmapper, keyserv is stopped as well, but
not restarted again. If I restart the behaves like waiting on a timeout. I
enabled debugging and got output like:
	remotename=unix at

here, in remotename, I'm missing my hostname ... I would expect like:
"unix.vmware at" ??

Might this be the right direction where to look further?


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