nisplus authentication problem - sent 06Jan, revisited

Daniel Franke daniel.franke at
Tue Feb 18 02:15:12 EST 2003

Hi there,

Bob Edwards wrote Mon, 06 Jan 2003:
> If nisdefaults runs OK, then try "nismatch someuser passwd.org_dir"
> ("someuser" is replaced by some real username in the NIS+ server
> If all is well, you should see an encrypted passwd entry in the second
> (after the first colon) of the output. If you see something like "*NP*"
> instead, then again, the NIS+ server is not giving the password back to
> client (doesn't trust it).

Which describes exactly my problem. I've got a Solaris 8 NIS+ Server, one
Solaris 8 client, two runing SuSE 8.1 linux clients - and one (again SuSE
8.1, but this time running within vmware under windows) that doesn't.
Everything seems more or less fine ...
 * I'm able to `niscat <table>` any table (but *NP* in pwd-fields)
 * `nisdefaults` seems fine (sorry, unable to copy-paste)
 * login as local root, then `su - <someuser>` works fine
 * login as user (shell/ssh) fails

Bob say's, the server doesn't trust my client ... *hmm* I added the
credentials as I did before using `nisaddcred -p unix.vmware at -P des`. AS mentioned above, three times this worked

I compared: nsswitch.conf, NIS_COLD_START ...
(I believe, I do not use secrpc, so there should not be any timing probs)

Another problem (maybe corellated):
 * booting my vmware-linux, everythings looks good - at first sight
 * directly after boot: `niscat passwd.org_dir`
	-> "passwd.org_dir: Error in RPC-Subsystem"
   (btw, NFS-mount was successful)
 * restart the portmapper
 * again the niscat cmd -> expected output, including *NP*
  (niscat at the working hosts gives a complete list, including the
encrypted pw)

I'm doing this in my spare time ... please, any help would really be
Thnx in advance

	Daniel Franke

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