root can't change user passwords

Maxwell Bottiger sleepylight at
Tue Dec 2 03:48:42 EST 2003

	I've run into a very strange problem.  My sun box is running NIS+ 
and there is something very strange going on with the passwords.  I must 
be mistaken, but I thought at root I could change the password of any user 
on the system and without the system giving me any greif. However, I can't 
change the password for my personal account.  

> su -
root-micro1?passwd mpbottig
New Password:
Re-enter new Password:
Permission denied

Do what now?  Why is the system telling me that root can't change a 
password?  Root is the admin for both the local password files and for the 
secure RPC password tables right?  So what is up?

I can't even get into dealing with the linux client problems unitl I'm 
sure that the server side is right....


-Maxwell Bottiger

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