nis+ with kde3

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Wed Sep 25 11:04:48 EST 2002

Ed Wensley wrote:
> I did have that problem a while ago. I noticed in /var/log/messages that
> NIS+ was trying to map to /usr/local/bin/tcsh. On Redhat tcsh is located
> at /bin/tcsh, so I created a soft link in /usr/local/bin to /bin. That
> got rid of the error message, but it still doesn't complete the login
> process. Is the soft link not a proper work-a-round?
> Here is my shells file:
> /bin/sh
> /bin/bash
> /sbin/nologin
> /bin/bash2
> /bin/ash
> /bin/bsh
> /usr/local/bin/tcsh
> /bin/tcsh
> /bin/csh
> I also noticed that KDE adds a bunch of extra environmental settings
> over the console login. Could something in there mess things up? Do you
> know of any way to get more detail on why it is failing?
> Thanks,
> Ed

Actually, now that you mention it, I remember that KDE does do something
funny with shells. I suggest trying your user on /bin/tcsh or /bin/bash
temporarily and seeing if that makes the problem go away.

It looks like a KDE/shell problem to me. The fact that you are getting
as far as automounting the home directory suggests that it is not a
NIS+ issue. But I could be wrong.

Again, send me some output from /var/log/secure and I'll see if I can
remember what happened. Also, do any files get written in/modified in
the users home directory (do an ls -lastur to get a listing in reverse
time order).


Bob Edwards.

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