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Wed Sep 25 02:05:01 EST 2002

I did have that problem a while ago. I noticed in /var/log/messages that
NIS+ was trying to map to /usr/local/bin/tcsh. On Redhat tcsh is located
at /bin/tcsh, so I created a soft link in /usr/local/bin to /bin. That
got rid of the error message, but it still doesn't complete the login
process. Is the soft link not a proper work-a-round?

Here is my shells file:

I also noticed that KDE adds a bunch of extra environmental settings
over the console login. Could something in there mess things up? Do you
know of any way to get more detail on why it is failing?



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Ed Wensley wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having trouble with NIS+ and KDE3. I can successfully login to my
> Redhat 7.3 workstation from the console (runlevel 5), but I am unable
> do so through KDE's graphical login. Through KDE I can only login to
> root. For non-root logins it seems to accept the username and
> but then the X server resets before loading the desktop so that I
> to the login screen after the screen blacks out. The only info in the
> /var/log/messages that mentions anything is "automount[849]:
> to mount entry /home/wensley" during the time of user login. Automount
> correctly mounts the user's home directory, but something won't allow
> users to get to the desktop. NIS+ authentication is from a Solaris 8
> machine. Any ideas or suggestions?
> - Ed

Is your users shell (returned by NIS+ from the server, eg. when you do
a nismatch username passwd.org_dir) listed in /etc/shells (and does it
exist?). KDE is a little finicky about that.

It works fine for us.


Bob Edwards.

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