Login problems for some users

John Aasen john.aasen at alcatel.no
Wed Sep 25 00:36:56 EST 2002


We have a mixed Solaris/linux environment which basically has run fine for 
over a year. But we have now got a problem with some new users. They are 
added to the nis+ tables with nisaddcred the same way as before, but they are 
unable to login on a Linux machine (RedHat 7.3 nisplus client). They login 
fine on Solaris machines. 

/var/log/secure says authentication failure.
I've tried nisping -f on the Linux machines without any help.
I've tried keylogout / keylogin on a Linux machine, but keylogin fails with 
the message:
Can't find unix.<pid>@<domainnames>'s secret key.

Anyone got an idea on how to solve this problem?


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