nis+ with kde3

Ed Wensley ejwensley at
Tue Sep 24 06:02:15 EST 2002


I'm having trouble with NIS+ and KDE3. I can successfully login to my
Redhat 7.3 workstation from the console (runlevel 5), but I am unable to
do so through KDE's graphical login. Through KDE I can only login to
root. For non-root logins it seems to accept the username and password,
but then the X server resets before loading the desktop so that I return
to the login screen after the screen blacks out. The only info in the
/var/log/messages that mentions anything is "automount[849]: attempting
to mount entry /home/wensley" during the time of user login. Automount
correctly mounts the user's home directory, but something won't allow
users to get to the desktop. NIS+ authentication is from a Solaris 8
machine. Any ideas or suggestions?

- Ed

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