dtlogin configuration for RedHat Linux??

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Sat Sep 21 12:13:36 EST 2002

Ravi Kiran wrote:
> Hello,
>       Iam trying to set up NIS+(with solaris 8.0 NIS+ server and RedHat
> Linux 7.3 clients). Can anybody please tell me how to configure dtlogins
> for redhat linux 7.3. Iam using the client's dtlogin to automount the home
> directories of users who log in. If possible please specify the additional
> packages needed to do this.
> Thanks in advance
> Ravi Kiran

As far as I know, RedHat doesn't support dtlogin, which is a part of CDE,
a proprietry Sun/HP/??? desktop. RedHat has KDE, Gnome and simpler X
desktops instead, which are all open source.

In any case, issues of dtlogin and automounting home directories are not
really a part of the NIS+ issues.

There are no specific packages for RedHat to do this.


Bob Edwards.

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