RPC: Authentication error 7 - NFS acess failed to /home

Mauricio Brigato mauricio at gordon.fmrp.usp.br
Tue Sep 17 06:56:19 EST 2002

Hey gurus,

I have a NIS+ main server which serves NFS files too (Solaris 8 SERVER1).
I've other Solaris servers playing as NFS and NIS+ clients of SERVER1.
Before, the root of a client could mount NFS /home.
But now, the root user of a CLIENT1 (Solaris 8) CAN'T acess the NFS directory
/home, although
I have given rights on SERVER1 to root access for  /home.
I've got that error message:
NFS access failed for server gordon.fmrp.usp.br: error 7 (RPC: Authentication
find: cannot read dir /usr/local/nfs/sun: Permission denied

The client is authenticated on nisplus server.
Someone could help me, please ??
Thanx in advance,

      Mauricio Brigato
      System Administrator - BIT - BioInformatic Team
      Fundação Hemocentro de Ribeirão Preto
      Phone: +55 16 3963-9300    Fax: +55 16 3963-9309
      E-mail: mauricio at bit.fmrp.usp.br
      Homepage: http://bit.fmrp.usp.br/

mauricio at bit.fmrp.usp.br

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