NIS+ linux box root getting root master ???

Jesus Garcia jess at
Tue Sep 10 00:45:54 EST 2002

I guess what you are looking for is Secure RPC -> Secure NFS. It means
that in order to access an NFS server you need to provide the
credentials of the user to the server (derived from his password). This
is known as AUTH_DES (AUTH_DH) authentication, as opposed to standard
NFS authentication (AUTH_SYS) which is based on the UNIX identity (user
id) of the user.

In practical terms, this means that if you do not know the user
password, you will not be able to access an NFS share on the remote
server (provided that it has been configured for AUTH_DES authentication
for NFS), even if you "su" to that user.

Take a look at the Solaris man pages: mount_nfs and share_nfs (the sec=
option), and also nfssec


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