NIS+ linux box root getting root master ???

Mauricio Brigato mauricio at
Tue Sep 10 00:21:58 EST 2002

This is my situation:
- I have a NIS+ server SUN. This is the main server of my net. (NFS, web,
- I have 6 linux box (Red Hat 7.1/7.2/7.3, Slackware 8.1) and 4 Sun clients of 
NIS+, but servers.

If I log as root on a linux box, and make a su - <user-of-home-NIS+> I got 
But, how I block these user ? 
I don't want that my user on a linux box have access to all others users
from my domain!

Please help.
Thanx in advance.

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> > > I don't know why, every linux box which I put
>    > > on NIS+ got the privileges of root master with
>    > > linux box root login, via su - <user-of-home-nis+>.
> Depending on what you mean, this is expected.  There is no keylogin,
> so anything that requires credentials fails.  But you will get access
> to ordinary user files this way.
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