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Robert Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Thu Oct 31 10:52:29 EST 2002

I think that, on the whole, the Linux nisplus code is a little "chattier" than 
the Solaris implementation.

I have just performed a couple of simple tests (using tcpdump) on some Linux 
nisplus clients, both with the Name Server Cache Daemon (nscd) running and 
without. nscd seems to make a little bit of an improvement for, eg., "ls -l" 
where the UID/GID needs to be looked up from the nisplus maps.

Just logging into a RH8.0 client as a normal user with home directory mounted 
from another NFS server (not the NIS+ server) and with nscd running, resulted 
in 659 packets to and from the NIS+ server. Subsequenty doing an "ls -l" 
resulted in only another 32 packets.

Note that our NIS+ server is only a NIS+ server - it doesn't really do 
anything else (it is a Sun Netra X1 running Solaris 8) - so although there is 
a relatively large number of NIS+ packets flowing to and from it - this 
doesn't seems to affect the performance of our network at all.

We have about 43 Linux and 2 Solaris nisplus clients in our network.


Bob Edwards.

On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 02:52 am, Tom Wike wrote:
> HI,
> I could not find any response to this email, we are seeing the same
> thing and we only have 15 (out of over 200) RedHat 7.2 boxes running as
> NIS+ clients, this additional traffic is a real concern for us - can
> anyone comment or tell me your experiences with many Linux NIS+ clients
> using Solaris NIS+ masters? Thanks!
> -Tom
> Marc Wrubleski wrote:
> >Hi all, I am new to this list, and I couldn't find what I was looking
> >for in the archives, so please forgive me if this has already been dealt
> >with somewhere.
> >
> >For background, I have configured some Redhat 7.3 (kernels 2.4.18-3 and
> >also 2.4.18-5) systems as NIS+ clients using nis-utils-1.4.1
> >
> >My question is, what would be considered a reasonable amount of traffic
> >for an idle system with someone logged in using NIS+?
> >
> >It seems that our Linux clients talk on the network to the NIS Server up
> >to 10 times as much as a Solaris client. In a couple of minutes I had
> >over 1000 packets related to tcp port 32772, NIS+, and portmap on my
> >system where the only activity is me writing this email.
> >
> >Is this normal? If not, what can I do to resolve this issue?
> >
> >Thanks in advance.
> >
> >Marc Wrubleski
> >Department of Mathematics and Statistics
> >University of Calgary

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