help!! RPC/portmap dies on NIS+ recently patched 7.2/7.3 clients

Kristen J. McFadden kjm31 at
Thu Oct 31 10:11:15 EST 2002

If anyone has seen this, please let me know!  I am at wit's end here.

I have several RedHat 7.2 and 7.3 NIS+ clients.  (They are also very chatty and I'd like to bring down that traffic, but for now they do work).  On a few of the machines, sometime around the beginning of October they started acting odd.

running rpcinfo -p would never return a value, and ps -ef would show hundreds of "CROND" processes.  Stopping and starting portmap seems to eradicate the problem for, say, another 10 minutes or so, before it has to be done again.

As a result, nisplus has to be reset.  I am thinking that maybe it coincides with the recent glibc patch???  I know nisplus needs the glibc and it's about the only thing that was put on the systems recently.  I think it has something to do with NIS+ because none of our regular NIS clients are exhibiting this behavior.  Also, a test where I patched up a virgin system and did not put on Nis+ yet isn't giving me the problem.  

Does anyone have the recent glibc packages happily rpm'd over an existing installation and nisplus/portmap is working okay, or has anyone else seen anything like this before??

Thanks in advance for help!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! :-)
I will buy brownies for any that can help me fix this.


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