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Dirck Copeland dir at
Thu Oct 24 02:09:33 EST 2002

I just joined this mailing list and was wondering if anyone is using the
NIS+ client with Linux Redhat 7.3 or higher? I am trying to configure a
client into our existing NIS+ environment and there is little or no
instruction on how to go about it for Redhat. I would assume it should
be exactly like setting up a Solaris client but that is where I am
asking for anyone elses experience. I entered the client into the domain
using the command:
nistbladm -a cname=optiplex name=optiplex addr=
comment="Dell Optiplex RedHat Desktop - Dircks" hosts.org_dir
then I did:
nisaddcred -p unix.optiplex at -P
and then on the client I issued the command (mustang is the root master
for the telcom domain):
nisinit -c -H mustang
and I get the following:
[root at optiplex nis-utils-1.4.1]# ./src/nisinit/nisinit -c -H mustang
Using as NIS+ server...
(none).: Name not served by this server
Any insight would be appreciated , Thanks, Dirck
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