nisping: RPC error

Mauricio Brigato mauricio at
Thu May 30 06:31:51 EST 2002

Hey, somebody help me.
I'm getting a trouble like this:
"nisping: RPC errorMaster server is ""
        Last update occurred at Mon May  6 14:57:52 2002

Master server is "server1.www.dom."
checkpoint scheduled on "server1.www.dom."
Replica server is ""
nisping: RPC error on server server2.www.dom., error RPC:
Authentication error
checkpoint failed : Error in RPC subsystem"

I can't make a nisping -Ca neither
a update on replica server.
Before I was able to do that.
What's happening?
Someone could help ?

      Mauricio Brigato
      Suporte BIT - BioInformatic Team
      Fone: +55 16 3963-9300  Ramal: 9603
      E-mail: mauricio at

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