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Robert L. Harris Robert.L.Harris at rdlg.net
Tue May 14 04:44:06 EST 2002

I've got a client trying to access a server.  If I stop nisplus services
and do a "niscat passwd.org_dir" it shows my password file while hiding
the password entries.  If I start nisplus I get this:

[root at bt2 log]# niscat passwd.org_dir
passwd.org_dir: Error in RPC subsystem

A nisls gives me my domainname and the Error as well.  It was working
fine for about 8 months and seems to have just broken.

The guy who build and ran our nisplus environment left without warning
and was very secretive.  It's now mine......

Anyone have any thoughts off the top of your head or directions go to
for diagnostics?

The server is Solaris 7 the client is RedHat 7.0.


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