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Subject: where is my mistake?

I have a working NIS+ cluster composed by HP servers running HP-UX 11.0.

I tried to add a Linux client, but without success.
The box is a RedHat 6.2, running kernel 2.2.18.
glibc is 2.1.3
I installed with success pam_unix2 1.10, nisutils 1.4.1 and nscd
"urania" is the linux box hostname and "ultimatum.cilea" the NIS+ domain

On the server side I added the credentials with
 nisaddcred -p unix.urania at ultimatum.cilea -P urania.ultimatum.cilea.

On the client side in the directory /etc/pam.d I substituted in the
login,kde,passwd and xdm  the line /lib/security/pam_pwdb.so with

I modified /etc/nsswitch.conf as
passwd:     files nisplus
group:      files nisplus
hosts:      files dns nisplus
networks:   files nisplus
protocols:  files nisplus
rpc:        files nisplus
ethers:     files nisplus
netmasks:   files        nisplus
bootparams: files nisplus
publickey:  nisplus
netgroup:   nisplus
automount:  files nisplus
aliases:    files nisplus
services:   files nisplus
sendmailvars:   files nisplus

Then I started nscd and nis_cachemgr.
I initialized the client with nisinit -c -B
It seems to work since I obtain an answer from the correct NIS+ server
"Searching a NIS+ server ...
Using 131.175.1.### as NIS+ server ..."
(In any case, I tried also nisinit -c -H nis+server)
Then I started keyserv (checking about the nonexistance of preceding

And now I give keylogin -r, I insert the password, but the answer is
"Can't find unix.urania at ultimatum.cilea's secret key"

and every nis+ command gives me:
NIS+ servers unreachable

I read every possible documentation, I can't find what I am doing wrong
or missing.
Please, could someone give me some hint?

Best regards

Claudio Arlandini

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