sendmail, aliases and NIS+

Carroll, Jim jcarro10 at
Fri Mar 29 02:59:26 EST 2002

I'm just now noticing a peculiar problem.

On a Solaris8 NIS+ client, sendmail appears to recognize/understand/resolve
from the aliases (mail_aliases) table.

On a Linux (2.4.7-10) NIS+ client, sendmail appears to have no such clue.

Yes, the following entry is in the Linux nsswitch.conf file:

	aliases:	files nisplus

The test user (myself) doesn't exist in /etc/passwd (or /etc/shadow), but
*does* exist in the NIS+ tables of same.  And yet, when (as root) I do a
simple "echo hello | mail jcarro10", it ends up dumping it to the local
/var/spool/mail/jcarro10 file.

Yes, the following entry exists in the NIS+ aliases table:

	jcarro10: jcarro10 at

Yes, if I do "echo hello | mail jcarro10 at", the mail ends
up going where I want it to.

Sendmail just doesn't seem to be NIS+ aware.

Suggestions where to start looking?


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