NIS+ on Mandrake 8.1

Viktor Rosenfeld rosenfel at
Sat Feb 23 05:34:47 EST 2002


Steve Plemmons wrote:

> All of the NIS+ accounts show up in the KDE login screen, but I can't
> use any of them to login.  If I login as root, then I can use niscat to
> view all of the tables correctly.  I even have autofs working and can cd
> into all of the autofs directories being served up through my NIS+
> server.

Okay, first thing to check is whether the login shell is listed in
/etc/shells.  KDM won't allow login if the login shell is not listed.

This solved the problem from RedHat 6.2 to 7.1 and also on various SuSE
systems.  Then RH 7.2 came along (with glibc 2.2.4) and with those
systems I see really unexpected behavior.  KDM usually doesn't allow
login.  Sometimes this is fixed by restarting the X-Server, sometimes
you have to kill KDM, use startx to get into KDE and then restart KDM
again, sometimes it simply refuses to login, whatever I do.  This
happens on all RH 7.2 systems here, and I'm yet totally perplexed as to
what this is causing.

But check /etc/shells anyway.

Viktor Rosenfeld
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