rpc.nispasswd not running on <server> ?

Mauricio Brigato mauricio at bit.fmrp.usp.br
Wed Aug 28 23:49:54 EST 2002


           On my test box I've got a problem like that:
           - when I  ( login with a normal user) try to change NIS+ passwd
with nispasswd,
           I've got the message on client:
           "rpc.nispasswd not running on  <myserver-solaris-8> ?
           I checked out my server: /usr/sbin/rpc.nisd -Y
           was running ok.
           So, I went to take a look at NIS+ server (solaris 8).
           rpc.nisd was running with -Y option (compatibility mode),
           cause I still have a NIS server running for while.
           I killed it and restarted it whith -YBAv option for logging
           the actions.
           Despite that, with the same trials, I couldn't do that.

           Does anybody know what's wrong with my NIS+ environment?
           Thanks in advance.


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