a problem with setting new machine on th network..

J ji jabalio at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 16 04:54:05 EST 2002

hello nis+ gurus,
i really appreciate all the valuable suggestions and advice that i get from 
you gurus,
The previous sys admin did not teach me or tell me anythingthat you guys 
he had just told me that do
nistbladm -a ... (to add the new machine in nis+,tables)
niscat nis_direct.org_dir (this is to see the other entries , so that i can 
add the new machine likem them.)
however when i did this niscat command it said not found. I was wondering if 
he must have meant auto_direct.org_dir ?
i was having a peek at the other files such as hosts.org_dir etc.
i want to know all the details of the machines already on the system.
so that when i do a nistbladm -a i should know what to write following it. 
hostname and what else like what netgroup th eother machines are, so that i 
can make this just like them.
also , then i have to add the creds of the newhostname . I was very scared 
if i screw up anything on the server, cos almopst 50 users work on the 
netwoek machines. i totally understand the part that i have to do on the new 
Is it possible that simply by adding the newhostname in the table everything 
will be alrite, bcos teh prev admin guy didnt even mention anything else to 
do to me. just nistbladm -a..
neways i trust u guys more than him now. so any comments and suggestions are 
welcome.  Just to re-iterate, i am doing all this because, on my main 
server, when i do ls i see all the disks of all other machines o the system 
except this , like /apple1, /apple2 ,/newton1, /newton2 etc.
Also i was looking at the admapp , i saw a option in which i could list and 
see all the computers, and there was thisn option of add a new computer like 
add anew user,
i was wondering if that could be of help to me to do this in GUI.
My main concern is that i dont know what to type after nistbladm -a 
newhostname , the properties.
Also tell me if there was a way to look at the other entries by the option 
of niscat -e butto quit without saving any changes. i hope somebody will 
tell me what is my table name? that i should do niscat on ?

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