NIS+ Servers unreachable

Jeff Adams jadams at
Sat Apr 20 00:09:05 EST 2002

We also had the same problem with the regular NIS clients.
The solution, which was already mentioned, was having to
wait for the network switch hardware.

We have all brand new switch hardware here and when
Linux, or any other OS, initializes the nic there is a 30-40
second delay while the spped, duplex, etc. is negotiated.

The best solution we found was to add a 30-45 second sleep
in the networking startup scripts. For RedHat we did this
in the /etc/rc.d/init.d/network script. In the start part of
the case statement look for the line(s) -

     touch /var/lock/subsys/network
And add these two lines before the ";;"
        echo "Waiting for switch to reset....."
        sleep 45

When the machine boots it takes an extra few seconds but
the clients, NIS and NIS+, always properly find and bind to
the servers.

Jeff Adams
BBN Technologies
jadams at

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