NIS+ slowdown when servers are not reachable

Dirk Wetter dirkw at
Wed Sep 26 22:26:38 EST 2001


i have the same problem here: three servers, one being a NIS+ server
at another location on a slow and not 100% reliable link. if that
link has a problem, all the Linux machines having a problem, too.
in the network traffic it looks like basically before every (?) NIS+
call the status of the servers is checked, maybe that's what's affecting
the speed of NIS+ lookups.
 any plans on implementing nisprefadm?


Dirk Wetter
Renaissance Technologies/NY

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Robert Greimel wrote:

> Hi,
> I have nis+ installed on Redhat 7.1 . Things are (mostly) working,
> but when one of the nis+ (replica) servers is down then we are
> experiencing considerable slowdown on the Linux boxes.
> For example, niscat passwd.org_dir returns immediately when all servers are
> up. When one server is down it takes 4 seconds to respond. When two
> servers are down it takes 8 seconds to respond, etc...
> This looks like an implementation problem.
> Also, we have preferred NIS+ servers set for the Linux computers but it looks
> to me that this information is not being used ? Is this correct ?
> When will this be implemented ?
> Greetings
> Robert Greimel

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