nis+ works only with 'strace'

Stefan Wengi stefan.wengi at
Wed Sep 5 15:47:31 EST 2001


I have nis-utils 1.4.1 installed on RedHat 7.1.
everything works fine for user 'root'.

However as any other NIS+ user I get the following error message when
executing nisls (or other nis+ commands): 

Can't list directory: NIS+ servers unreachable

I then tried to debug nisls using 'strace' -> no more error; directories
are listed.

I also ran 'nisdefaults' with 'strace' and noticed that the Principal is
set to the correct NIS+ user name.
When running 'nisdefaults' without 'strace' the Principal is 'nobody'.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?


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