[jcifs] Seven jCIFS bug fixes from Google./Future Development

Moritz Bechler bechler at agno3.eu
Wed Jun 22 15:26:20 UTC 2016

> If there is someone out there who would like to spearhead a new
> development branch of jCIFS, I'd be happy to provide insight into the
> workings of SMB.  I'm particularly interested in seeing SMB2/3 support
> added to jCIFS.

RIght now we have dozens of unrelated and potentially incompatible forks
and patchsets of jCIFS out there - that really is a waste of everybodies

I think the first thing we need to do is to somehow reunite these
efforts. If we all continue like this I guess we soon will be in a
situation where it will just stop working with new servers (or ones
configured for security) for all of us.

I'm not sure where upstream is actually abandoned or not, any comments
from there?

A while back I started working on a fork
(<https://github.com/AgNO3/jcifs-ng/>) featuring some major
architectural changes, including:
- removal of global state (one can now run multiple isolated clients)
- more flexibility in configuration, no longer forced to use system
- cleaner abstraction of auth mechanisms, NTLMSSP, Kerberos support
- merged various patches

This required a few API breaks.

So I guess this might be a good starting point for a new development
branch. I'd be happy to merge other improvements and fixes and am
ultimately looking forward to adding SMB2+ support, but I don't think
thats an effort that I can tackle completely on my own in the near future.



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