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Theodore_Hu at asus.com Theodore_Hu at asus.com
Mon Jan 12 00:00:46 MST 2015

Dear Michael:
You can try it like this:

1)       Open an Android app which use jcifs。

2)       Change the language to Turkish on Device’s setting page.

3)       Try to get pc’s share folder and you will see that you can’t get share folder/file.If you change to other language ,it will work.

I have debug the source code of jcifs,And I found the error :
endpoint = val.toString().toLowerCase();//Here will cause a error. The character “I” of String “PIPE” will change to be a messy code And throw a exception when device’s launage is Turkish.

4)       You can also try app which include jcifs lib,like “RootExplorer” or “ES File Explorer”.

Thank you for your time
Theodore Hu(胡晓岽)
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On Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 10:40 PM, <Theodore_Hu at asus.com<mailto:Theodore_Hu at asus.com>> wrote:
Dear jcifs team:
I use the jcifs.jar on my Android app. And I have found a bug. When the device’ language is Turkish,it will throw a exception.

void setOption(String key, Object val) throws DcerpcException {
endpoint = val.toString().toLowerCase();//Here will cause a error. The character “I” of String “PIPE” will change to be a messy code And throw a exception.And this will cause the app can not get share folders.

Hi Theodore,
When reporting a problem that triggers an exception, it is customary to post the full stack trace of the exception. Please post the stack trace.

However, I don't see whay the line in question would trigger any error. The lowercase character for ASCII letter 'I' is always the ASCII letter 'i' regardless of what locale the code runs under.


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